The Science Department



    The BHS Science Department provides each student with an understanding of the nature of science. We incorporate Science theory into the learner’s real-life experiences.

    Our department offers students a rich and rigorous science program.  We want our kids to be scientifically literate and informed citizens who can solve problems and are critical thinkers.  We want our students to be excited about science and be able to understand the scientific issues that impact our society and the global environment.

    Our curriculum is aligned the Next Generation Science Standards.  The NGSS creates hands-on investigations central to science education. All core science courses include a laboratory component to help students:

    1. design, critique, and carry out experiments so that they can investigate scientific questions and propose solutions.
    2. collect, interpret, and analyze data to solve a defined problem.
    3. apply mathematics to express relationships simply and accurately.
    4. draw conclusions based on data to make informed decisions.
    5. construct, interpret, and refine science and math models to explain the physical and natural world.
    6. communicate scientific ideas and well thought out arguments to audiences through both proper written and oral means.
    7. evaluate the truth of science arguments presented in the popular media.


    The hope is to prepare them to be a curious life-long learner.