Students at Student Voices Conference
Certificate for Administrateor of the Year

Springer Middle School Student Council Chapter

  • Faculty Leader:  Elizabeth Koons


    The Student Council provides a valuable leadership partnership between students and their school. It creates the opportunity for students to become effective leaders. It encourages a positive school climate. Empowered students are vehicles for positive change in their school and community. Student leaders have the responsibility to be positive role models. Student councils play a vital role in preserving knowledge of and practice in the democratic process. Leadership training programs are essential to allow developing leaders to achieve their full potential. Involvement in state and national programs enhances the local school’s leadership development program. Student council programs are stronger when all students are encouraged to participate.


    Goals of Student Council

    * To support student council as a vital organization within the school and its community

    * To provide student council members and advisers with resources and support in all phases of student council activities

    * To assist all student councils in becoming more effective organizations within their school, community, state, and nation

    * To provide leadership training for student council members and advisers

    * To encourage the development of new student councils in high schools and middle level schools

    Student Council elections will be held in the winter 2019, for each grade level. Meetings are monthly and all students are welcome to participate.