• Admission

    • Students enter the building at 8:40 AM
      • Parents should be aware that staff supervision begins at 8:40 AM. To ensure the safety of our students, please begin dropping off students at that time. 
      • Students will pick up breakfast and go straight to their classrooms to begin their day.


    • Dismissal Begins at 3:40 PM
      • Cars will enter from the Lincoln Avenue entrance. Drivers will be asked to pull forward without blocking the crosswalk. Please display the “Number Card” and students will be called. Until we get to know you, please be prepared to show ID. It is everyone’s desire to dismiss the students quickly and safely.
      • Parents who walk to pick up their children will be met on the grass area with their child's teacher. 
        • If there needs to be a change in dismissal, send a note to your students' teacher or call the main office.

    Late Arrival

    • If a student arrives at school after 8:50 AM, escort your student(s) into the school building and sign in at the main office.


Traffic Pattern