Welcome to Art!

  • mrs. brendlinger Mrs. Adrienne Brendlinger, 2019 Delaware Art Educator of the Year  

    Hello, my name is Mrs. Brendlinger and I am at Forwood Tuesday-Friday and at Mount Pleasant on Mondays.

    Unit: This year we will be traveling the world together right inside the art room!  We will work our way through Pre-Columbian art, Native American art, European and American folk art, east Asia art, African art, west Asia art, and art of the Aboriginees.  

    Student Centered: Not only are we traveling the world but you get to be THE ARTIST.  Try your hand at painting, drawing, printmaking, fashion design with textile or paper, 3D design, or collage.   

    Portfolios: My students create portfolios which they will bring home at the end of each marking period. Planning a move let me know and I’ll get ALL work to you ASAP.  Students have make-and-take art at least once a quarter.  Grading: All students are graded according to a rubric on approaching standard, understanding concepts, applying skills, and behavior.  Portfolios of student work remind your child of past experiences in art so s/he can grow.

    Display: I also like to display art in the halls throughout the year, this includes our artists of the month. A selection of our best artists will have artwork displayed at the Young Brandywine Art Exhibit.  This exhibit goes from February 28th-March 11th 2018, weather permitting, at the Blue Ball Barn.  Everyone’s artwork will be displayed at our annual Forwood Blue Fox Art Exhibit after spring break.(For this reason if your child is missing a piece of art it could be tucked away for possible art show.)

    Want to see artwork sooner?  Email the below information to my school email, adrienne.brendlinger@bsd.k12.de.us , include: the homeroom teacher and grade, your child’s nameyour name, and an email address.  This is so that I may post images of your child’s artwork to artsonia and you can see his/her very own digital portfolio as soon as work has been graded.

    My teaching experience and education: I graduated from Albright College with a bachelors in art education. I earned my Masters of Science in special education from Drexel University.  I hold teaching certificates in art k-12, middle school science, and middle school english.

    What you should know about me: I am usually singing, dancing, talking in odd accents, humming, or being a bit silly. It is okay to be goofy as long as work is getting done.  If I am not doing one of these things just ask.  Don’t be afraid to let me know I’m not acting fun while teaching.  Sometimes we all need a wake up call and I want your child’s art experience to be the best!