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    The Home of Leo the Lion

    Motivate, Educate and Guide Our Students to Higher Learning Opportunities

Lancashire Elementary

Our Missions and Goals

  • Mission: Lancashire Elementary is committed to providing an educational experience based on the principles of equity, differentiated instruction, and a promise and belief of academic and social success for all, in an environment that encourages collaboration with staff, parents, and community, effective and ongoing assessment, implementation of best teaching practices, and fosters students to excel as life long learners.

    Goals: Lancashire Elementary is committed to:

    •Academic success for all students

    •Reinforcing the belief that children can learn

    •Learning and applying principles of equity and anti-racism

    •Ongoing and accurate assessment

    •Linking assessment to instruction

    •Differentiating instruction to meet the needs and abilities of all students

    •Implementing best teaching practices

    •Providing opportunities for students to learn in the most inclusive setting

    •Creating a safe, respectful, nurturing, and positive environment for students to learn and grow

    •Developing strong and lasting partnerships with parents, friends, and the community


  • The spirit and positive energy that lives in our school is fostered out of the teamwork and collaboration that exists between the staff and families of Lancashire and is evident everyday in the smiles on our student's faces and the satisfaction felt by teachers and parents.


    Lancashire is committed to delivering accurate and ongoing assessments to determine the level, strengths, and abilities for each student and implementing the appropriate and individualized instruction to meet their needs. We strive to educate and develop the whole child by reinforcing our school wide expectations of respect, responsibility, cooperation and safety. We work with each student to know them as both learners and people.


    We invite parents, friends, and the community to serve as partners at Lancashire and encourage them to become active participants in creating academic and social success for all our students and to continue our ongoing commitment of being a "superior" school!