• PS duPont Ambassadors


    PS duPont Ambassadors are a group of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students selected by the school staff to represent PS duPont Middle School. Beginning in 2017-2018, each grade level will select twelve new ambassadors to represent the school.

     A PS duPont Ambassador should be a student that exemplifies the characteristics of an ambassador.  Typically, student ambassadors are carefully selected based on grades, personality, character, communication skills and enthusiasm.  In addition, the staff at PS duPont will be looking for the following:


    Loyal – A good ambassador is trustworthy.


    Mediator and Negotiator – A productive ambassador knows how to mediate a tense situation and negotiate a compromise that presents a winning situation for all sides.


    Enjoys Cultural Diversity – An ambassador who is not afraid of different cultures or people is a definite asset.  While some people do not adjust well to situations, an effective ambassador relishes the opportunities for interaction with those who are different from what he may be use to from his experiences.  A dedicated ambassador quickly picks up on nuances of those with whom he deals with and learns to work within their cultural framework.


    Effective Communicator – It is critical that a strong ambassador be an effective and clear communicator.  The ambassador needs to speak and enunciate clearly.  Good communication includes gestures, mannerisms and polite affectations that may mean the difference between a positive or negative exchange.


    Expertise – A good ambassador needs to understand those with whom she works on a regular basis to convey information from those she represents.  A solid ambassador takes the time to learn what is necessary, becoming an expert in the field in which she works as an ambassador.


    Integrates Well – A good ambassador cares not just about those he represents, but also about those with whom he interacts on a regular basis.


    Please note that students cannot apply to be an ambassador, but students can strive to make that positive impression on the school staff that will get them recognized and possibly selected to represent the school.  Once the PS duPont ambassadors have been selected, the new ambassadors will attend a formal meeting to announce their selection and then parents and guardians will be notified.  


     Advisor: Mr. Fawks