Art at Lombardy

  • My name is Patricia Defosse and I am the Art teacher at Lombardy Elementary School.

    I am a graduate from Delaware State University and have been teaching now for 22 years!

    My goal as an elementary Art teacher is to introduce students to as many art materials possible for these grade levels.

    In kindergarten we concentrate on shapes, forms and coloring.  We do many “draw what I draw” compositions to accelerate accuracy in drawing abilities.

    In first grade we practice using lines and shapes.  We will do many art pieces using markers, wax crayons and pastels. First graders will also be introduced to cutting and gluing.  African paper masks are always a favorite!

    Second graders will be introduced to using rulers as a way to create artwork. Access to many materials are available. We also concentrate on cutting and gluing. Chinese paper dragons is a fun way to practice decorating with paper!

    Third grade just finished a unit in cartooning!  We will begin our ruler art unit shortly.  We will master the use of rulers and create art using rulers and color pencils.

    Fourth graders are mastering their detail work. Creating Indian henna hands are quite popular with the students!  We also will be using water colors for some of our art pieces.

    Fifth graders are just finishing their mixed media of water colors and color pencils.  Texture and different processing of the paint is used.  We also will concentrate on details in art work and how to apply colors in an effective manner.

    I look forward to teaching more of the joy of Art and allowing the students to continue to do their best!