John Skrobot, Jr
  • Today we dedicate a special space inside WMPH radio to the memory of one of its most ardent supporters:

    Henceforth the WMPH main air studio will be known as the John Skrobot Jr Memorial Studio.



    John not only brought a spirit of dedication and public service to his role as the President of the Brandywine School Board, but he was also passionate about creating safe and modern facilities which gave staff and teachers a place to teach, and students a place to learn. We here at WMPH are also very grateful for his passion and dedication to providing a radio station to students in Brandywine; a place for a young person to explore mass communications, gather his or her thoughts, find his or her voice.

    Brandywine District schools are all the better for John's hard work and dedication over the years.


    And so it is with pride that we declare this

    The John Skrobot Jr Memorial Studio