District Finance Committee

  • The purpose of the District Finance Committee is to ensure that taxpayer funds are used as effectively and efficiently as possible by reviewing the financial practices of the District and reporting findings and recommendations for improvement to the Board of Education. Five independent citizen members with training and expertise in the analysis, oversight, and management of budgets are appointed to the committee, as well as one member of the Board of Education and one building principal.   The committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 5 p.m.



    • James Hanby (Chair Person)
    • Victor Ferzetti
    • Chuck Landry
    • Chris Milionis
    • Jack Vinokur
    • Ronald Kimbrough
    • Matt Auerbach, Principal Representative  
    • John Skrobot III, School Board Representative
    • Kimberly Stock, School Board Alternate


    District Finance Committee Minutes & Financial Reports