• According to Pew Research Center, three quarters of all Americans over age 12 have listened to some sort of online media in the last week. Podcasts, storytelling, spoken-word audio are all here to stay, and it's safe to say that people will continue to carry their audiobooks and other voiced opinions, self-help and narratives along with them when they exercise or commute. WMPH radio students study the state of the art, analyze who the audience is and what they need, then build audio features of various shapes and sizes to populate the different positions in our weekly broadcast schedule (see "Program Schedule" at left). In addition to broadcasting them multiple times on the FM radio station, we also warehouse most student-built features here in the Podcast section, so please take a look around!

  • Known issue: Audio files not playing on Apple devices

    Apple devices have been experiencing known issues with audio files playing within the Safari browser. This does not impact the live stream.

    For users who access files on via a Safari browser, you may find that clicking play on audio files within web posts will not work. Audio will not play. 

    At this time, the providers of our content management system have not identified a fix. We understand the frustration and inconvenience this presents, but we suggest trying two things to access the file:

    1. Press and hold the play button. Another window should open that will allow you to play the file in that new window.
    2. Open the web post in another web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc) and try to play it from there.


    If neither of those options work, we sincerely apologize and will happily send you the audio file you would like to listen to. We ask that you send the link to the web post containing the audio you want to We will do our best to get you the audio file you're looking for as quickly as possible.

    Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and hope to have a better resolution soon.