WMPH Radio Club
  • If a student can't fit Radio Journalism class into their schedule, or if a radio student just can't get enough radio, or if any BSD student - at any school - wants to give radio a try... WMPH after-school Radio Club to the rescue! Kids come downstairs to the radio station after school on club days to DJ, voicetrack, create a music show, create a podcast, interview someone, mix down their music, and much more. Listen to them hosting music on the air and taking your requests on most Wednesday afternoons! Here are some samples of recorded student work, created after school at WMPH Radio Club!

  • Planet Protectors

    by Cecelia Length: 59:59

    Cecelia knows that the urgency and size of the STOP CLIMATE CHANGE movement are growing, and she packs a whole lot of that strident, environmentally aware energy into this diverse hour of alternative, rock, folk and novelty songs reminding you to care for your Mother Earth ... ASAP!   Listen Sunday nights at 8pm.

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  • Act One

    by Hope Length: 24:41

    A bright collection of upbeat contemporary Broadway show tunes.

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  • The 2010s

    by Augustus and Osman Length: 56:38
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  • The Traveling Wilburys Show

    by Vannah Length: 31:57

    The music of the short-lived supergroup lives on! Dylan, Harrison, Petty, Lynne and Orbison.

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  • Black Student Union Feature

    by Nana Length: 1:21

    Nana edited her interview with Mount Pleasant high school teacher Taria Pritchett together with some music to make a short feature about the work and origins of Mount's Black Student Union.

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  • Farhana and Friends

    8:00 pm Saturdays


    Farhana dares her music-loving friends to exchange songs back-and-forth in a lively half hour of music that spans many genres. Listen Saturday nights at 8pm.

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