• Student Music Shows


    WMPH radio students produce and present collections of their favorite music, complete with background information and reasons why the songs have meaning in their lives. Some of the music shows below were made by pairs of students, and some worked solo. To find out the days and times these shows (or anything) air on 91.7 FM, click the Program Schedule button at left - or hear it now with a click on the show's name below!

  • Focus On Your Music

    6:00 pm weeknights


    FOYM is a more in-depth exploration of the music that moves our Level II radio students.

  • FOYM: The Protest Playlist

    by Jamie Length: 59:31

    Jamie taps into the rich American database of music with "an agenda".  The Protest Playlist is a group of politically-motivated songs that are intended to sway minds, educate, motivate, and activate all who are willing to listen.

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    by Owen and Fitz Length:

    Did you miss part of Owen & FItz's TASTE show last Saturday night after 10pm?  Listen to it right here and then be sure to VOTE on the home page here at Who has the better TASTE in pop and contemporary R&B music: Fitz or Owen?

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  • FOYM: Intro to Country 101

    by Dylan and De'Vaun Length: 52:34

    Like some of us, WMPH student De'Vaun is an unwilling consumer of country music.  His producer-partner Dylan is a devotee dedicated to bringing him into the fold of "country music fans".  Enjoy this hour of the best in contemporary country music. See if it convinces you!

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  • FOYM: Swift Showcase

    by Farhana Length: 58:39
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  • FOYM: His and Her R&B

    by Neasia Length: 57:26
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  • Electric Light Radio

    9:00 pm Fridays


    Vannah's comprehensive deep dives into these great ELO records is equal parts "studied dissection" and "#1 fangirl".  Listen for a different Electric Light Radio every Friday night at 9pm.