• The BSD Playlist

    2:00 pm Saturdays, 6:00 am Sundays


    The Brandywine School District communicates its great people and programs with this brief 3:15pm break in the afternoon music "while you're waiting in that carline, mom".


  • David Ireland

    by Fitz Length: 58:33

    David Ireland is an Engineering teacher in the CTE department at Mount Pleasant High School.  As such, he gets into a lot of discussions with students about music. This time, WMPH staffer Fitz got the wide-ranging verbal exploration of rock and pop down on tape.

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  • Yolanda McKinney

    by Jamie Length: 54:40

    Love songs are timeless and evergreen - on the radio and folded into a BSD Playlist!  And Dr. Yolanda McKinney, our Director of Culture and Climate, knows that!  WMPH staffer Jamie and she talked about love and other eternal themes in between their songs, and with the music itself!

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  • Christine Griswold

    by De'Vaun Length: 51:03

    Not only is Christine Griswold skilled at pairing up special needs BSD students with the assistive technologies they need to study, communicate and learn in school, but she's also good at pairing up catchy Celtic and folk melodies with WMPH staffer De'Vaun.  Enjoy the stories and banter as this pair weaves an hour of diverse songs.

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  • Bill Mohr

    by Dylan B Length: 57:56

    Because he aspires to be a craftsman, contractor or artisan, WMPH staffer Dylan targeted a technician when he was considering who he wanted to make a BSD Playlist with.  Bill Mohr handles most of the low-voltage electrical needs around all 16 buildings in the Brandywine School District (think cameras, phones, controls, etc), and he brought a diverse set of songs to this hour of back-and-forth music.

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  • Jason Heller

    by Owen Length: 59:12

    As a boy, the vice-president of the BSD Board of Education helped his parents wire and install radio studios!  So Jason Heller was right at home working with WMPH staffer Owen when they created this BSD Playlist in Production studio #2. Enjoy lots of pop and rock favorites from the tail end of the 20th century and beyond.

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  • Nicole Warner

    by Daniel Length:

    Dr. Nicole Warner handles Educational Services for the Brandywine School District, and worked well with Daniel to create an hour of all kinds of popular music that means a lot to each of them, respectively.

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  • Kimberly Stock

    by Gemma Length: 1:08:57

    BSD board member Kim Stock and WMPH staffer Gemma both carry around a diverse palette of music from locations all over the world!  Enjoy the extended version of the hour program - with 10% more content!  Everything from the Fab 4 to K-Pop, this playlist has it all!

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  • Mike Rossi

    by Vannah Length: 1:00:21

    Arguably, our most illustrious and accomplished alum, Mike Rossi graduated from Mount Pleasant High School and it's then fledgling radio program in 1976.  Since then, he has had an impressive and influential career in broadcast radio, and he currently holds down middays at Wilmington legacy FM 99.5 WJBR.  Mike is never too busy to come back to the place where it all began to build something great with the current crop of radio students. Vannah and he parlay like a pair of music veterans in this hour full of Grammy winners.  Enjoy!

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