School Choice


  • Please be aware that the majority of the communication related to your Brandywine School District application will be communicated via email. Therefore, it is important you provide a valid email address when creating your account in the system.

Important Dates to Apply for the 2024-2025 School Year





    • If your student is currently in 5th/8th grade and you are interested in a middle school/high school that is NOT your feeder school, you MUST submit an open enrollment choice application before it closes. This applies whether your student is currently choiced or not. Keep in mind that an approved choice application is only applicable to that grade level configuration (i.e. Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8), High (9-12)).


    • Choice open enrollment closes on January 10, 2024 for Grades 1-12.


    • Choice application determinations will be sent via email by February 29, 2024.


    • Any questions regarding school choice can be sent to, or you can call the choice office at 302-793-5014. Please be mindful that we are currently seeing an increased volume of calls/emails. We appreciate your patience.




  • School Choice Open Enrollment:



    Monday, November 6, 2023 until the day before the first day of school of the 2024-2025 school year. Click here to apply.


    1st - 12th Grade

    Monday, November 6, 2023 until Wednesday, January 10, 2024.


    All families applying for School Choice must first be registered at their feeder school. If you need to register, you can do so here.

Questions About Choice?

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Choice for Good Cause

  • The School District will continue to consider "choice" applications if it is determined that "Good Cause" exists.
    "Good Cause" is defined as:
    • A change in a child's residence due to a change in family residence.
    • A change in the state in which the family residence is located.
    • A change in the marital status of the child's parents.
    • A change caused by a guardianship proceeding.
    • Placement of a child in foster care.
    • Adoption.
    • Participation by a child in a foreign exchange program.
    • Participation by a child in a substance abuse or mental health treatment program.
    • Or a set of circumstances consistent with this definition of "good cause".
    • Click here to apply for 2024-2025 Good Cause "Choice"

Choice Program Fast Facts

  • In Delaware, the school choice program gives families the flexibility to choose the public school that best meets their child’s needs, providing space exists. Delaware residents with school-age children can apply to go to any public school in the state regardless of the Delaware district in which they reside.  If the school has space, then the student will be accepted to attend. Only Delaware residents may apply for this program.

    Open Enrollment for the Choice Program is offered November - January of the school year.  


    Transportation:  Transportation to and from a Choice School is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Bus transportation will be provided from an already existing Brandywine School District bus stop only if there is space on the bus. The parent/guardian is responsible for getting the student to the most convenient bus stop with space available. Parents may submit requests by contacting (302) 762-7181.


    Special Programs:  The International Baccalaureate Program and Dual Language Immersion programs require students to choice to the schools that house those programs.  Students interested in these programs must apply for choice during the Open Enrollment period.  Please indicate on your choice application that you are applying to one of these programs.