Involved Parents Mean Successful Kids

Group of kids in PS duPont tshirts
  • Research shows that families have a major influence on their child's achievement in school. When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better. They tend to stay in school longer and like school more. Involved parents mean more successful students.  
    Title 1 legislation agrees.  The legislation calls for open communication between schools and parents and provides extra school choice and education services for eligible kids. Schools develop parental involvement plans that are flexible.  The plans consider local issues and parent’s ability to help their kids.

    In BSD, Parent Involvement Policies are reviewed annually.  Each Title 1 school writes its own School/Parent Contract. 

    Each year, parents are notified of the following:

    • Their right to request information about teacher qualifications.
    • Their right to request the school’s Adequate Yearly Progress or current status.
    • Notification of an Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting