Connecting with BSD Staff

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  • If you have questions or concerns, please first contact your child's teachers and your building's Special Education Coordinator.  If they are unable to resolve your concerns, you should contact your child's building administrators.  If your concerns are still not resolved, please use the Educational Services Department information below to identify who can best address your concern.

    Dr. Nicole Warner:  Director of Educational Services: ; 302-793-5043

    • School Psychologists
    • Related Services
    • Special Education Programming at Carrcroft Elementary, Hanby Elementary, Lombardy Elementary, Mount Pleasant Elementary, Springer Middle, Brandywine High

    Dr. Kris Failing:  Supervisor of Special Education: ; 302-793-5053  

    • Adapted Physical Education
    • Music and Art Therapy
    • Special Education Programming at Claymont Elementary, Forwood Elementary, Harlan Elementary, Lancashire Elementary, Maple Lane Elementary, P.S. duPont Middle, Talley Middle, Concord High, Mount Pleasant High 

    Ms. Melissa Frabizzio: Supervisor of Compliance: ; 302-793-5074 

    • 504 Plans
    • Special Education Coordinators
    • SITE
    • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)
    • State Complaints
    • Due Process Requests