English Language Learners

  • Students come to Brandywine School District from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. We recognize that our diversity adds to a rich educational landscape.  We understand that some of our students come to us with limited English language skills; they may be recent immigrants to the US or from families that speak another language at home.  Further, they might be able to speak English fluently with their friends but don’t know how to communicate in English well enough to talk about academic subjects.  Currently, BSD serves approximately 510 English Language Learners who speak 53 different languages. 

    An English Language Learner (ELL) is a child that

    • Speaks a language other than English
    • Lives in a home where a language other than English is spoken
    • Was born outside the USA and speaks non-American English

    In the state of Delaware, English Language Learners are identified using the WIDA online screener English language proficiency test. This entry test determines whether the child is eligible for services. It also determines the  level of English Language Proficiency for each new ELL student that registers in our district.

    Each school in the Brandywine School District is assigned an ESOL teacher or tutor to work with ELL students. In elementary schools, ELL students are given language support using an inclusion/push-in model.  English as a Second Language (ESOL) teachers/tutors teach students directly and also support them in the regular education classroom.

    In secondary schools, students are scheduled an ESL class period and receive direct language instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


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  • For more information, please contact Sugely Solano, ESOL Coordinator.